Reminiscences of Missouri Women During the Sixties

In the early 1900’s the United Daughters of the Confederacy collected first–hand stories of daily life and experiences during the war years, from its vast membership. Included are also accounts of actions the women got involved with, such as walking to Texas. These wonderful stories lay for many years until Mrs. Charles Hough, a daughter of John “Coon” Thornton of Clay Count, Missouri, and President of Missouri Division U.D.C. in 1913, took up the task and put them into book form, producing this excellent work. Now, published in soft-cover for the first time, this excellent compilation, was made available to the general public, by the Missouri Division of U.D.C. in 2009. If you like factual history and its truthfulness you will enjoy this book. A portion of the sales proceeds supports programs sponsored by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Contains 355 printed pages. Soft-cover, fully indexed.
Reminiscences of Missouri Women During the Sixties
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