Mathew Brady Portraits of a Nation

mathewBradyPortraitsofanationcoverMathew Brady: Portraits of a Nation

The Civil War was the first war in history to leave a detailed photographic record, and Mathew Brady was the war’s chief visual historian. Previously, the general public had never seen in such detail the bloody particulars of war–the strewn bodies of the dead, the bloated carcasses of horses, the splintered remains of trees and fortifications, the chaos and suffering on the battlefield. Brady knew better than anyone of his era the dual power of the camera to record and to excite, to stop a moment in time and to draw the viewer vividly into that moment.

He was not, in the strictest sense, a Civil War photographer. As the director of a photographic service, he assigned Alexander Gardner, James F. Gibson, and others to take photographs, often under his personal supervision; he also distributed Civil War photographs taken by others not employed by him. Ironically, Brady had accompanied the Union army to the first major battle at Bull Run, but was so shaken by the experience that throughout the rest of the war he rarely visited battlefields, except well before or after a major battle. The famous Brady photographs at Antietam were shot by Gardner and Gibson. Hardcover, $28.00 plus shipping and handling of $3.99

Mathew Brady: Portraits of a Nation
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