Guerrilla Season

GuerrilaSeasoncoverGuerrilla Season by Pat Hughes

Read about the Civil War in Missouri in 1863, when at fifteen, Matt Howard is old enough to join the Southern guerrillas and help protect Missouri from Union forces. Matt would rather farm than fight – tending his beloved pa’s land is the next best thing to having him still alive. To safeguard her six children, Matt’s mother insists that the family take a neutral position. In Missouri’s Civil War, which pits neighbor against neighbor, armed men often bang on doors in the middle of the night, shouting “Union or Secesh?” The wrong answer can get a civilian killed!
Matt’s mother is from the North, and when Ma decides to move them back, Matt is torn: Should he abandon his farm or his family? And what about his friend Jesse, who has no doubts about joining the guerrillas? What will Jesse say if Matt runs away? In this large, gripping examination of the Civil War in Missouri, a boy bewildered by the madness around him wrestles with questions about family ties, friendship, and loyalty. Softcover, $7.95 plus shipping and handling of $3.99

Guerrilla Season
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