Co. Aytch


CO. AYTCH: A Confederate Memoir of Civil War by Sam Watkins
Sam Watkins joined the First Tennessee Regiment in 1861, a common foot soldier in the field, fighting against the Yankees until the Confederacy surrendered in 1865. Of the 1,200 men who fought in the First Tennessee, only 65 were left to be paroled on that day, when General Joseph E. Johnston’s Army of Tennessee surrendered to General William Tecumseh Sherman in North Carolina on April, 1865. Watkins was one of seven men out of 120 from his original company to survive.
Years later, Watkins wrote an account of his days in the Confederate Army serving with “Co. Aytch”, as he called it. This skillfully written memoir is a must read for anyone interested in the common soldier. Softcover $14.00 plus shipping and Handling of $3.99.

Co. Aytch
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