THE CIVIL WAR: A Visual History

TheCWAvisualhistorycoverTHE CIVIL WAR: A Visual History
by Parragon Books Hardcover $13.99
The Civil War: A Visual History boasts a wealth of rare images, including a pristine version of the Confederate Seal Proof Lithograph printed by the King of England’s Master Engraver alongside the letter that accompanied this gift to the Library of Congress. This image of the seal is unparalleled in color and clarity and has remained largely unseen by the public until unearthed in the research for this book. Other highlights include images by the controversial artist Adalbert Volck; a private letter from Alfred Waude, one of the most prolific artists during the war; and a rare photo of Lincoln confidante Rebecca Pomeroy. In addition to a comprehensive collection of traditional wartime imagery (battlefields, soldiers, artillery, and more), The Civil War: A Visual History brings wartime culture to life with reprints of political cartoons, playing cards, collectible cards, newspaper articles, family photos and more. Featuring vivid photographs, lithographs, and artist sketches from the Civil War alongside the letters, speeches, and memoirs that capture the emotions of those who experienced it. Hardcover $13.99 plus Shipping and Handling of $3.99

THE CIVIL WAR: A Visual History
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