Cinders and Silence: A Chronicle of Missouri’s Burnt District

 A Chronicle of Missouri's Burnt District 1854-1870

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Cinders and Silence provides the first chronicle of Missouri’s “Burnt District.” Between 1854 and 1870, three of western Missouri‘s border counties plunged from prosperity to devastation, and finally to oblivion. The border conflict between Missouri and the Kansas Territory intensified during the Civil War. Driven by revenge, Union soldiers from Kansas leveled the homes, barns and fields of western Missouri in the early years of the Civil War.  In August 1863, the retaliatory raid by William Clarke Quantrill and his partisans triggered the issuance of General Orders Number 11. Within six weeks the District suffered depopulation and total destruction. Historical silence shrouded the tragedy for decades. Cinders and Silence recovers the history and breaks the silence. Order this First Edition in Hardcover. Price $23.95 plus $3 shipping.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR          Tom Rafiner, a Jackson County native, continues his focused and dedicated journey to uncover the history of western Missouri. For ten years, he has researched family and community histories buried in the border conflict and the Civil War. Tom’s first book. “Caught Between Three Fires: Cass County, MO., Chaos and Order No. 11” documented the previously lost history of the Civil War period in Cass County. Tom is a sought after speaker and storyteller who has spoken to many historical and educational groups in numerous states.

Cinders and Silence
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