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The Burnt District Press has begun the campaign in the new year of 2016. Many small actions are on the schedule this year including the actions at the Battle of Round Mountain at Yale, OK, Warrensburg, Missouri at the Veterans Home and Hulston Mill in Dade County. Plus a new Civil War event at Waynesville in conjunction with the Old Settler’s Days weekend. The 152nd of Gettysburg will be re-enacted in July as will the anniversary of the Battle of Perryville, KY. For a partial list of the events that are happening please visit our “Events” page. If you are aware of an event not on the list please contact me and we will update the list.

We have recently completed editing of a few books compiled and written by Donald Hale of Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Included among those few are “Bloody Bil Anderson”, “They Rode With Quantrill” and Volumes II and III of his “Branded As Rebels.” They will be available to purchase on the Internet or by calling me.

We look forward to making new friends and renewed acquaintances with old comrades during the remainder of this year.

 The stories you have are interesting and heirlooms to cherish of your family history. So come relate them to us as we enjoy talking and sharing the past with you that has brought us to the present.

If you don’t wish to wait until an event to contact us, then please write or call.

For information and to order books contact:

John Moloski
email: OrderNo11@aol.com
phone 816-668-5862

For information on publishing and printing  contact:

Jackie Roberts
email: bdpress@ymail.com

“We look forward to meeting you”

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