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    We continue to add new books and features to our site. You will find our books in the Online Store. The books are listed under categories so the titles will be easier to locate. Under the tab for Publishing you will find our policy about printing and becoming your publisher. Check the Events tab and come visit us in person.
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  • Bloody Bill Anderson

    This is a reprint of the book written by Don Hale. It has been out of print for many years. Bloody Bill Anderson has had several books written about him. Don and his father located the grave site and placed the marker on the grave that you will find when you visit the cemetery in Richmond, Missouri. Bloody Bill is notorious for deeds he is reported to have committed during the war. He was killed in a small town named Albany just east of Kansas City. Found out what happened to his sisters and the story of Bill. Read the history and find out WHY he is remembered ! Order from the Online Store
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  • Your words come to life

    The Burnt District Press consists of professional, experienced publishers who provide expert consultation and representation. We understand the importance of top quality, expert publishing advice; we are committed to the highest standards of professional services and our track record speaks for itself. We are dedicated to making your publishing experience a smooth and profitable one.. We encourage you to visit the About Us page and leave us a message with a brief description of how we might assist you with your project or plans. Our response time is typically just a few minutes. Authors are always #1 in our book, and we'd enjoy making your book a reality. We look forward to hearing from you soon
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Your American History Headquarters

Printing, Publishing, and Sales of
Primary Source Information on the Civil War Era
in the Trans-Mississippi Theater


The Burnt District Press is in the middle months of the campaign of 2014. Many small actions have occurred this year including the actions at Plattsburg, Missouri and Hulston Mill in Dade County. The very active time of year is coming this fall with the 150th anniversary events around the 1864 Invasion of Missouri by General Price and his Confederate Army coming from Arkansas. For a complete list of the events that we will attend please visit our “Events” page.

We look forward to making new friends and renewed acquaintances with old comrades during the remainder of this year.

 The stories you have are interesting and heirlooms to cherish of your family history. So come relate them to us as we enjoy talking and sharing the past with you that has brought us to the present.

If you don’t wish to wait until an event to contact us, then please write or call.

For information and to order books contact:

John Moloski
email: OrderNo11@aol.com
phone 816-668-5862

For information on publishing and printing  contact:

Jackie Roberts
email: bdpress@ymail.com

“We look forward to meeting you”

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